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Best Knee replacement surgeon in Delhi

Best knee Replacement Hospital in Delhi

If you are searching for the Best knee Replacement surgeon in Delhi, then your search ends here. The Joint Clinic is one of the best knee replacement surgery hospitals in Delhi. We provide unparalleled patient care and hospital experience in Delhi for knee replacement surgery. We have top-notch specialists and cutting- edge technology under one roof, thus ensuring quality treatment to patients.

Dr. Amite Pankaj Aggarwal is committed to providing the Best Robotic knee Replacement Surgeon. His dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery and his patient-first approach make him the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi.

  • Experienced team- We have highly skilled  specialists with experience of 20+ years.
  • Clinical Excellence- We have proven experience in handling even the most complicated cases accurately and precisely.
  • State-of-the-art technology- We have the latest technologies for diagnosing and treating cases with unconventional methods.
  • Personalised care- At The Joint Clinic , we provide quality treatment to each patient as per the individual requirement to ensure personalised care.
  • Stringent infection control- We follow strict protocols for infection control to prevent complications.
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Understanding Arthritis in the Knee

Living with knee arthritis can significantly impact daily life. There are three primary types of arthritis that can affect the knee:

1. Osteoarthritis (OA):

This form of arthritis results from the gradual wear and tear on the joints over time. It leads to the deterioration of cartilage, potentially causing bones to rub against each other.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA):

This arthritis stems from an autoimmune disease that targets various joints throughout the body. It is a chronic and inflammatory condition that damages ligaments, cartilage, and softens bones.

3. Post-traumatic arthritis (PA):

This type of arthritis develops following a knee injury or trauma. It may manifest years after the initial injury occurred.

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery involves the removal of damaged surfaces on the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia), rather than extracting the entire joint. Typically, the underside of the kneecap (patella) is also addressed by removal, and these surfaces are substituted with artificial components. The newly formed joint comprises a metal shell attached to the femur's end, a metal plate with a plastic trough on the tibia, and, if necessary, a plastic button on the kneecap. This procedure essentially refurbishes the deteriorated knee joint, akin to the process of capping a damaged tooth, performed by a Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Partial Knee Replacement

If arthritis affects only a specific portion of your knee, partial knee replacement might be advised, particularly for younger individuals. Recovery tends to be faster, with shorter hospital stays. However, the long-term success of the procedure may be limited to around 10 years. At that juncture, your Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon might recommend a total knee replacement.

Complex Knee Replacement

If arthritis affects only a specific portion of your knee, partial knee replacement might be advised, particularly for younger individuals. Recovery tends to be faster, with shorter hospital stays. However, the long-term success of the procedure may be limited to around 10 years. At that juncture, your Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon might recommend a total knee replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Joint Clinic Dr,Prof Amite Pankaj Agrawal clinic is one of the best knee replacement hospital in Delhi, India

Factors that affect the Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in Delhi</strong> If you are considering knee replacement surgery in Delhi, you should take note of the following factors that can affect the cost of the surgery and help you get an accurate estimate for the cost of the knee surgery.

Choice of treatment hospital
Choice of the hospital room
Type of surgery
Surgeon’s fees
Extent of the joint degeneration
Type of implant used
Cost of anesthesia and other surgical equipment
Cost of medications and assistive devices required post-surgery
Postoperative physiotherapy and care required
Post-surgery consultation charges

A PKR surgery offers a few key advantages, including a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and rehabilitation period, less pain following surgery, and less trauma and blood loss. Compared with those who receive a TKR, people who receive a PKR often report that their knee bends better and feels more natural.

Knee replacement surgery is prescribed when all other treatments have already been tried and usually no longer help. When the pain in the knee is unbearable and prevents a person from performing every day, usual for people, actions.

What Does Knee Replacement Surgery Involve?

Knee replacement surgery, medically termed arthroplasty, is a procedure designed to alleviate knee pain by excising damaged or diseased segments of the knee bones and substituting them with synthetic components crafted from metal or plastic. This surgical intervention is typically carried out by an orthopedic surgeon.

Variants of Knee Replacement Surgery:

1. Total Knee Replacement Surgery: This is among the most prevalent forms of knee replacement procedures, aiming to restore typical knee joint functionality, often utilized in addressing arthritis.

2. Partial Knee Replacement Surgery: Also referred to as unicompartmental knee surgery, it entails replacing only a segment of the knee joint. Smaller incisions facilitate swifter recovery and diminish post-operative discomfort.

3. Kneecap Replacement Surgery: Recognized as patellofemoral arthroplasty, akin to partial knee replacement, it’s favored for individuals experiencing damage on the underside of the kneecap.

4. Revision Knee Surgery: Termed secondary knee replacement as well, this procedure is undertaken if the initial total knee replacement proves unsuccessful. The original implant is replaced with a new one to address the issue.

The major reason for performing the joint replacement surgery in Delhi is the ineffectiveness of the non-surgical treatment such as medications, physical therapy and certain lifestyle changes. When the patient does not get relief from the pain and disability by adopting all these medical alternatives and therapy, the joint replacement surgeon in Delhi recommends such patients for total joint replacement procedures.

It is not that the orthopedic surgeon will directly hop on to the surgery. They encourage you for non-operative alternatives first. However, when the condition is not getting under control by such options, then the joint replacement surgery in Delhi is the only option remains. There can be several reasons that may lead to joint pain and disability such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, injury, depreciation in joints, fracture, etc. The condition may damage or deteriorate the cartilage or bone in the joint. Under such circumstances, it becomes essential for the joint replacement surgeon in Delhi to prepare the candidate for the joint replacement surgery, in order to get a permanent treatment of the pain and disability.

Patient Testimonials

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Veena Sharma
Veena Sharma
Mera name Veena sharma h.after knee replacement me bahut young feel kar Rahi hu.thank u dr.amite sir.ab life me bahut confident feel kar Rahi hu.its like new life for me.kisi ko bhi knee me dikkat h time waste nahi karna chiye time se dr.amite sir se jarur milna chiye.after knee replacement mera rehabilitation dr.neeraj ji ne kiya it was very good.pain less physio thanks to all team
kehar singh
kehar singh
My wife saroj done knee replacemet surgery under Dr Amite pankaj Aggarwal We are happy and satisfied thanku sir.
Gurcharan Singh
Gurcharan Singh
Mera name gurucharan h.mare knee me bahut pain tha muje mare known ne bataya dr.amite sir ke bare me he is the best orthopaedic in delhi.inke pas Jane ke baad Mera dar khatam ho gya.mera knee replacement hua or ab knee bilkul accha feel kar rha h.thanx dr.amite sir.dr.neeraj is my physio he is also very good.log physio ke bare me bolte h pain hota h.but bilkul pain free exercise karwai muje bilkul bhi problem nahi Hui.all team is very good.thnx.
Dr Anil garg
Dr Anil garg
As a medical dr i highly recommend Dr amite pankaj as best orthopaedic surgeon and joint replacement surgeon Heis best as a person also lwish him all the best achievement s in life regards dr.anil garge..
aashusingh Aashu
aashusingh Aashu
My elder brother goes to see Dr. Amite Pankaj Aggarwal at Fortis Clinic. His joint pain which he had for 2 years is getting better little by little. Dr. Aggarwal cares about his patients and does his best to help them during and after treatment. If you need good care go and visit Dr. Aggarwal.
Vinay Prakash
Vinay Prakash
My Grandfather got a knee replacement at fortis clinic. Doctor Amite Pankaj Aggarwal Gave the best treatment my grandfather is slowly recovering. His knee has been good since the replacement. Visit Dr. Aggarwal for treatment. May god bless him.
A K Gupta
A K Gupta
Mera name AK gupta h. Mera right hip khrab ho gya tha. Dr. Amite sir ke bare me muje mare known ne bataya. He is very nicer. Inohnae Mera hip replacement kiya iske baad Mera hip bahut accha ho gya h ab me bilkul sahi chalta hu thank you Dr. Amite sir.

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